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Llanover Hall

Arts Centre

Llanover Hall is an Art Centre in the heart of Canton Cardiff just opposite Thompson's Park.
Since the 1940's Llanover has been a place for learning. We run a variety of hands on Arts activities. Classes run termly, however we do provide some taster sessions.
We also offer half term and holiday classes. The Centre provides a welcoming space for everyone interested in pursuing the arts in a variety of different mediums.

The benefits of these recreational courses help improve health & wellbeing. It's an opportunity to participate in an activity you enjoy. They will help to increase social skills and meet new people, gain confidence and learn new skills.

At Llanover Hall we also provide YOUTH classes and DICE (Disability Inclusion In Community Education)

Arts and Crafts Class
Kids' Paintings

How to enrol


02920 872030

Enrolments 9:30-14:30

Monday- Thursday

02920 631144


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