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Friends of Llanover Hall exhibition

The Friends exhibition has become an annual event - something we look forward to each year.

This is an open exhibition which embraces the principle of Arts for All.

Anyone who supports the Centre or has exhibited or studied here is welcome to exhibit one piece of work for display.

All exhibitors become 'Friends' of Llanover Hall for a year. 

Dear Friend,

Llanover Hall Trustees are organising the Friends Of Llanover Hall 2022 Art Exhibition for those who have exhibited here in the past and/or who are eager to further our future aims and ambitions of 'Arts for All'.


'Friends of Llanover' will highlight the work of many of Wales' leading artists and will provide a chance to support the 'Friends' scheme. The exhibition will run from Monday, September 26th to Friday 28th October, 2022. Exhibitors are asked to deliver their work to Llanover Hall between Monday 12th Sept and Wednesday 14th Sept.

To cover all costs, exhibitors are also asked too pay a £10 hanging fee which will also cover this years Friends membership fee. (You can contribute more if you wish)

There will be an extra £10 fee for each exhibit submitted.

This is your opportunity to promote the 'Open Door' philosophy of Llanover Hall which has offered arts opportunities for many individuals over the last 50+ years and has been the step in many artists careers. 

All prices must include Llanover Hall commission of 30% plus VAT.

If you are interested in being a friend of Llanover Hall, get in touch via the chat or alternatively drop by.

Womens art association wales

The Women’s Arts Association Wales (WAAW) is a vibrant and responsive organisation committed to addressing isolation and

exclusion experienced by women in the arts and the wider community.

The WAAW will showcase their exhibitions often at Llanover Hall. The most recent exhibition celebrated International Women's Day.



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room hire

If you are interested in hiring out space here at Llanover, call us directly on 02920 631144.