Friends of Llanover Hall Exhibition

The Friends exhibition has become an annual event - something we look forward to each year.  This is an open exhibition which embraces the principle of Arts for All.  Anyone who supports the centre or has exhibited or studied here is welcome to exhibit one piece of work for display.  All exhibitors become 'Friends' of Llanover Hall for a year.

To become a friend you can pay a minimum of £10 fee, this will cover your first year Friends Membership fee. (You can contribute more if you wish).

This is your opportunity to promote the ‘Open Door’ philosophy of Llanover Hall and which has given numerous creative individuals possibly their first exhibition, and creative experience since the Centre opened.

Please support this venture with your backing we can create new opportunities and initiatives for the arts at Llanover.  Together we can guarantee a flourishing future.

Past Exhibitions:

















Llanover Hall Trustees have organised an art exhibition at Llanover Hall for those who have exhibited there in the past and/or who are eager to further its future aims and ambitions.

‘Friends of Llanover’ will highlight the work of many of Wales’s leading artists and will provid a fitting launch to the Trustees ‘Friends’ scheme.  The exhibition will run from Saturday, April 29th to Saturday 1st July, 2017 and exhibitors are asked to deliver their work to Llanover Hall by Monday 24th April.